Conductor Sharing has been used for many years on offshore platforms with insufficient slot spaces for new wells.  As shown above, it is a proven technology that can be improved for normally unmanned platforms (NUIs) minimal facility usage and adapted for subsea applications to reduce the cost of offshore development significantly.  Oilfield Innovations have two New Well Bore Sharing Technologies comprising "Conductor Sharing" and "Casing Sharing."  One shares the "Conductor" between multiple wells and the other shares the "Production Casing" between two "Independent Wells" drilled using proven multi-lateral technology.




Oilfield Innovations have patented well bore sharing technologies that are designed to reduce the cost of subsea developments to an absolute minimum by implementing conventional big bore subsea casing hangers systems below a rotatable whip-stock that allows wells to be batch drilled and completed concurrently or individually below a standard 18 3/4" subsea wellhead system.  For example, bottom hole assemblies can be used in the same size hole across three (3) wells, casing crews can run and cement the same size casing into three (3) wells, the same or similar completion can be run into three (3) wells, the Subsea BOP is run once for drilling three (3) wells and one subsea production tree can be run for three (3) wells.



Oilfield Innovations have patented a rotatable whip-stock system  to eliminate rig moves and allow batch drilling of multiple wells concurrently to significantly improve well economics.  As shown above, for subsea wells, a standard 18 3/4" wellhead subsea system can be used to drill three (3) at once.  Conventional big bore casing hangers systems on each branch below a conductor can be accessed with a rotatable whip-stock.  Proven 48" conductor systems that fits through a 49 1/2" rotary table house are run with the permanent guide base and 18 3/4" housing, after which the whip-stock is inserted into the well and rotated to access each well branch.  Read more about the system using the below conductor sharing button or download OILtd's white paper on the subject.



Obviously, if casing can be run within casing, then tubing can be run within tubing and two (2) independent tubing strings can flow two differently pressured fluid streams.  Underground storage solution mines huge salt caverns with tubing-in-tubing flow over a period of years.  That same technology can replace conventional oilfield parallel strings completions?  Traditionally, concentric flow has not ben used because the production (or injection) streams between the inner and outer tubing are difficult to control; however, OIlfield Innovations has patented an intelligent system for controlling independent flow streams. Our "Magic Crossover" is a simple solution with no moving parts that provides control of both the inner and outer tubing string flows to provide two separately pressured flow streams through a single well bore while providing all of the conventional well integrity barriers.  Read more on our other web pages or download OILtd's white paper explaining our new casing sharing technology






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